NIT Durgapur National Workshop on Current State of Affairs in Cyber Security & Cryptology (NWCSC), 13-14 September 2019

National Institute of Technology (NIT), Durgapur, National Workshop on Current State of Affairs in Cyber Security & Cryptology (NWCSC), on 13-14 September 2019. Details of the workshop are given below.

Workshop Title: National Workshop on Current State of Affairs in Cyber Security & Cryptology (NWCSC)

Cryptology is the study of information hiding and verification and it is also as specific as modern encryption algorithms used to secure transactions made across digital networks. Cryptology is a technology that can play important roles in addressing certain types of information vulnerability, although it is not sufficient to deal with all threats to information security. In our always online world, cryptography is even more important. Today’s applications run in a very different environment than 10-20 years ago. It is developing rapidly and is popularly increasing day-by- day in information science, particularly in network, banking, email, information security related activities and applications running on smart phones, virtual machines, scripts running on browsers and IOTdevices linking to the cloud. Every organization that handles private information should use up-to- date cryptography techniques to prevent from vulnerabilities and its safeguard. In Cryptology two aspects are more important : (1) First is Engineering aspects : Cryptography is one of the essential technologies used in building a secure VPN. Overall information security is dependent on many factors, including various technical safeguards, trustworthy and capable personnel, high degrees of physical security, competent administrative oversight, and good operational procedures. (2) Second is Computer Science aspects : Computer system security, and its extension Network security & is intended to achieve many purposes. Among them are safeguarding physical assets from damage or destruction and ensuring that resources such as computer time, network connections.

1. Introduction to classical Cryptography
2. Probable security
3. Security reductions
4. Applied Cryptography
5. Network security and blockchain technology
6. Mathematical problem & their application in Cryptology
7. Public key Cryptography
8. Hardware Cryptography

In this proposed workshop near about 100 – 125 under graduate B.Tech and Science graduate / post graduate students across the country are expected to parcipate. Experts in the field will be invited to deliver lectures starng from basic ideas related to cyber security & cryptology to state of art of vulnerabilies and safeguards. Aim of this workshop is to bring together the experts in the subject to provide the young undergraduate parcipants with exposure to latest research developments in Cryptology and Network Security. Resources persons from NSA, IITs, NITs, ISI, DRDO and other reputed Instutes’ will be delivering lectures. The lists of confirmed speakers are

Who can apply:
Young Under Graduate’s Computer Science, Electronics & Communications Engineering & Science Postgraduate Can Participate.

How to Apply:
Candidate need to submit the application to Sandip Karmakar (Co-convener, NWCSC2019) NIT Durgapur, West Bengal-713 209. E-mail :

Application should include the following particulars :
(I) Name (ii) Present Aliation (iii) Brief Resume
Application from participants should be forwarded by the Faculty / Head of the department concerned institution.

Full travel support by train & local hospitality will be provided to the selected participants:
Sleeper class for train & bus fare for local participants and accommodation will be provided to all the students in NIT Durgapur campus.

Registration Fee: Rs. 200/-
Fee for young faculty members / professionals in cyber security / for IT field will be Rs. 1,000/- Only and accommodation charge extra.

Important Date:
The last date for the submission of application: 30th August ,2019
List of participants after screening will be displayed by August 31 ,2019 on NIT Durgapur website

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