Manipur University Webinar: Manipur – A Paradise for Herpetology with snakebite problems

The Centre for Biodiversity Studies Departments of Botany & Zoology, Manipur University. In collaboration with Mangolnganbi College, Ningthoukhong, Moirang College, Moirang & Society for Nature Conservation, Research & Community Engagement, West Bengal Catalysed and supported by Manipur Biodiversity Board (MBB) is organizing webminar on “Manipur – A Paradise for Herpetology with snakebite problems”

Theme: Living in harmony with Nature:

5th June, World Environment Day,2020: Time for Nature

Time of the webinar will be intimated on 4th June,2020

About the Speaker:
Visha Santra is one of the finest young herpetologists of the country based in Kolkata and Hoogly District of West Bengal with a Post Graduate in Environmental Science and Biodiversity. He travelled widely in the country and abroad for field research in snake and snake bite problems, particularly in South East Asia, Shri Lanka and North East India.

He has been associating with Captive and Field Herpetology, Wales, United Kingdom as Co-Founder and Co-Director; and as a Founder & Executive Member – Society for Nature Conservation, Research and Community Engagement, West Bengal, India. A number of research papers on systematic studies of reptile diversity with special focus on venomous species in North and Northeast, India have been published in repute journals like Nature. Recently, he has also given invited lecture on taxonomy of snakes and problems of snake bites in United States.

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