IIT Delhi Short Term Course on Advanced Polymer Composites & Nanocomposites(13-17 March 2020)

Department of Material Science and Engineering, IIT Delhi Hauz Khas,New Delhi, 110016 is organising TEQIP-III Sponsored Short-Term Course on Advanced Polymer Composites & Nanocomposites (13-17 March 2020). Details are given below:


Learning objective:
The course focuses on relevant topics on composites and nanocomposites, which is regarded as
the alternative to replace conventional materials. Apart from improving overall performance and reducing the weight, these materials provide opportunities to tailor its properties by tuning various components and structures. Recent scientific and technological developments in this area show that composite materials can be used in various applications ranging from automobile, space, agriculture, building construction, to medical. The objective of this course is to provide a common platform to scientists, engineers, technologists working in academia and industry, to discuss the fundamental and recent advances in the field of processing and application of composite and nanocomposite materials.

Learning outcomes:
Knowledge: Upon successful completion of this course, participants will have a clear understanding of properties of polymer composites and nanocomposites, nanomaterials, matrix, material selection, fundamental relations, variety of characterization and manufacturing methods and how to apply this knowledge to the design and analysis of composite structures.

Skills: After this course, the participants will be able to perform basic engineering of components and products made of polymer composites as well as preliminary material selection, material evaluation, simple mechanical analysis,and failure analysis using fundamental relations for the materials and structures.

General competence: This course will also inculcate communication and discussion skills in participants on polymer composites and nanocomposites related technical terms along with the ability to answer questions on feasibility and awareness of the importance of these materials for the modern society.

Introduction to Polymer Materials for Composites: Matrix; High and low temperature resins; Chemical structure & properties; Ceramic/polymer based fibres as reinforcements; polymer based processing aids, etc.

Polymer Composite Fabrication and Properties: Matrices;reinforcements; interfaces; fibre / reinforcement length, distribution, dispersion etc; Particulate/ filler/ hybrid composite; formulation development, composite structure and properties; testing and performance evaluation of composites.

Polymer Processing Techniques for Composites: Dispersion and Rheology; viscosity; shearflow; elongational flow; Processing techniques: extrusion, moulding, compounding and mixing, thermoforming and other processing methods; process ability of composites.

Polymer technology: Polymers of commercial importance; additives to modify polymer matrices for composites; functional additives; modification of fibre/ fillers.

Polymer Nanocomposites: Basics of polymer nanotechnology; Nanomaterials and properties; common nanomaterials for nanocomposites; Concepts of nanocomposites;Nanomaterials dispersion and processing of nanocomposites; properties of nanocomposites and comparative study.

Polymer composite characterizations: Thermal properties (DSC / TGA, heat distortion temperature, Vicat softening temperature); dynamic mechanical analysis; morphological analysis using SEM.

Lab Session (Afternoon): The course will have lab sessions to enhance the understanding and have practical knowledge of composite processing. Following lab sessions will be conducted:
a)Preparation of fabric reinforced composite by Compression Moulding
b)Preparation of filler reinforced composite using Twin Screw Extruder and Injection moulding
c)Preparation of nano composite using Micro compounder and Micro injection moulding

-The course is designed for faculty members and research scholars (Ph.D.students) at TEQIP-III institutes. Participants from non TEQIP-III institutes and industry are also welcome to register by paying the fee.
-We intend to keep the course strength to under 30 participants to maintain high quality of instruction. An earlier registration implies a greater chance of being accepted for this short-term course.

For any query (registration, course content, travel or accommodation),please send an email to dmsepolymer@gmail.com

How to Register:
A scanned copy of the duly filled registration form (given in the link below) with a digital payment receipt must be sent to the course management team through email on dmsepolymer@gmail.com.

NOTE: The selection will be made on a first come first serve basis. Accordingly, the confirmed candidates will be notified.

Registration fee:
-TEQIP-III institutes (All participants): refundable Rs. 2000 security deposit payable
-Non TEQIP-III institutes
1)Industry: Rs. 20,000+18% GST (non-refundable)
2)Research Scholars: Rs. 5,000+18% GST (non-refundable)
3)Faculty: Rs. 10,000+18% GST (non-refundable)

Bank Details for e-transfer/RTGS/NEFT:
Bank account no. 36819334799
Bank address: State Bank of India, IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas New Delhi, 110016
IFSC code: SBIN0001077
MICR code: 110002156
Account type: Saving

Important dates:
1) 15 February 2020: Receipt of the registration form with proof of necessary payments.
2) 25 February 2020: Intimation to confirmed participants.

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